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With over 9 years experience in machine learning applied to natural language, we empower anyone to do more with their data.

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Summaries for due diligence calls

Automatic notes in any conversation

Make spoken dialogue readable

Perfect for hedge funds, consultants, VCs, and private equity firms. Get transcripts and analytics for your calls with experts. 

Focus on engaging with the people you meet instead of taking notes. Automatic note-taking from the audio of your conversations.

If you've ever struggled reading a verbatim transcript of a spoken conversation, we have a solution for you. Eliminate hard-to-read transcripts.

 “Started using it in the meetings, love that it works well with my calendar and reminds me to take notes! ”
Anna Bebel
CEO at Wioski

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Online audio brand-awareness

Always have an ear on the ground. We'll notify you when your brand is mentioned on any online audio such as podcasts, and youtube.

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Listen to your online brand reputation.

Get notifications via email and Slack about mentions of specific topics online. Tracking websites such as Twitter and Reddit.

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Custom fine-tuning and APIs

Fine-tune a pre-trained language model on any task and quickly expose an API. Send us your task description to get started.

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